Brendan Cox - Lead Facilitator

Hi, and welcome to BC Consulting.

I help leaders and teams gain clarity and boost performance with big picture vision, strategic thinking, and decisive action.

I use my own unqiue combination of creative thinking, consulting advice, and coaching support, or as I call it - the 3Cs.

This taps into my creative storytelling background, mapping out everything and guiding clients every step of the way

Boost performance with the 3Cs

I've developed this balanced approach so clients can get aligned quickly and start making progress.

  • Creative thinking — Structured, visual Design Thinking to rapidly gain clarity, solve problems and enable decisive action.

  • Consulting — Practical, data-driven advice and resources to boost performance.

  • Coaching — A thought partner providing objective open dialogue, motivation, mindset and moral support.
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Sian Bennet - Marketing Consultant

"What I love about the way Brendan works is he has a very good ability to take multiple and sometimes complex ideas and distill them in a very visual way that makes sense."

Breaking challenges into bitesize chunks

Creativity and Design Thinking is the backbone of my 3Cs approach. It provides structure to visualise complex business challenges, mapping it all out clearly so clients can prioritise, simplify, and think strategically...

  • Visualise

    Map out everything in your head so you can see the big picture.

  • Clarify

    Organise everything and prioritise each item based on your goals.

  • Focus

    Find solutions and build a strategic roadmap to reach your goals.

  • Action

    Break everything into practical steps to start building momentum.

Karen Thomas - Founder, The Forever

"Whatever your business is, whatever your next move is, by going through this process it enables you to get one step closer to reaching that goal."

Tailored services

Sessions adjust to your needs. Whether sitting back to see the big picture, or zooming in to solve specific challenges, I've got you covered...


Regular sessions provide ongoing diagnostics and alignment so you can make high level strategic decisions and keep on track:

  • Diagnostic check-ins
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Optimising resources

Deep dive

Custom deep dive workshops tailored to solve complex business challenges and give you a rapid boost:

  • Strategic planning
  • Team alignment
  • Group problem-solving


Ongoing collaboration where
we build something greater than the sum of our parts, to achieve a shared vision:

  • Continuous innovation
  • Sustainable growth
  • Streamlining operations

Andrew Funk - Founder, Homeless Entrepreneur

"Working together with your company has really helped us have a stronger understanding of what we're doing, the needs of the organisation, of the beneficiaries and our support network."

Success stories

The results of the 3C's approach speak for themselves. Discover how I've helped businesses by clicking the case studies below...

Streamlining staffing

  • Reduced onboarding
    75% reduction in staff
    onboarding time.
  • Leadership time-saving
    Freed up 30 hrs/month
    for business development.

Optimising resources

  • Cost saving
    Restaffing led to 94% reduction in admin costs.
  • Leadership time-saving
    Freed up 27 hrs/month
    for business development.

Clarifying vision

  • Social media reach
    80% increase in social media following.
  • New business
    Acquired 3 new clients and a product sponsor.